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GRINDING & Wood Chips

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Stump grinding & Wood chips

When you remove a tree from any location, you are inevitably left with a stump where the tree once used to be. If you’re like most homeowners, you are tired of seeing tree stumps dotting your lawn and property. Although some homeowners just deal with the remaining stump and leave it, most homeowners would like the tree to be completely removed so they can use the space for other purposes, or not have to constantly go around the area with their lawnmower or trimmer. A rotting tree stump can also further rot and attract bugs and other insects.

The space where the tree once stood may also have roots that extend deep or wide and will take years to break down naturally. Tree stump removal is dangerous to attempt on your own and renting a stump grinder is expensive and dangerous to maneuver by unskilled hands. The only way to get rid of a tree stump for good and chase out all root systems is by professional stump removal.

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